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The Future Of Online Gaming

Hard as it may be to imagine at this evolved stage in technological history, a decade or two from now we are bound to look back in pure astonishment once more at the leaps and bounds that we have made as far as progress and new technological breakthroughs are concerned. At-home internet was an exotic idea a couple of decades ago – and look at us now!

Online casinos like Jackpot City NZ have grown and evolved along with everything else, and the industry has shown itself more than able to constantly adapt and evolve. As it stands, it is no great mystery what the next step is going to be, as we are already standing on the precipice of entering the next great reality: Virtual Reality.

How It Works

Virtual Reality – or VR – tricks the brain into thinking that what it is experiencing is real, as far as the senses go. Vision, hearing and touch are stimulated – transporting users into the world of the imagined, but with the illusion of reality.

This trickery is achieved by making use of specialised technology in the form of stereoscopic display. Stereoscopic display seeks to simulate depth by displaying two slightly different angles (or vantage points) of the same scene before each of the two eyes. This creates a near life-like visual experience.

Different Virtual Reality headsets have been developed and designed by various companies, each hoping to outperform the next.

Getting It Right

A lot of effort goes into getting it just right. Faulty latency, for instance, can cause a type of motion sickness – known in the industry as “cybersickness”.

Movement and interaction are vital too. It’s one thing to be able to see into an alternate 3D space, but an altogether different experience to be able to move around in and interact with the elements in that space.

How would this work, practically speaking, running on a mobile device? Running on Android, the mobile handset’s gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer would be used to achieve movement. The gyroscope is used to detect angular movement, the magnetometer determines the proximity of the device to earth and the accelerometer detects 3D movement. The accuracy of the Virtual Reality system would additionally be greatly improved by mounting a selection of sensors around the room in which the Virtual Reality will be used.

Achieving A Fully Interactive Experience

Online gaming has changed the gaming experience as we know it, as well as the online gambling industry. One can only imagine the level of interaction and “full blown atmosphere” that can be achieved if Virtual Reality were brought into this particular mix. Players would be able to set up a virtual casino in the comfort of their own homes – complete with virtual game tables, slot machines and dealers. Interaction with other players (or fellow casino-patrons) would also be possible, taking the online chat forum to the next level too.

What Virtual Reality can do for the online gaming industry is only limited by the extent of human imagination.

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