21 Blackjack Game

Top Casinos ReviewsBlackjack is widely played all over the world in the casinos and also in the homes. Blackjack is available in the online casinos and also in the land based casinos. It is played with really great enthusiasm in all the casinos all over the world and blackjack is also counted among the top ten Unibet casino games. It gathers a lot of traffic in the online casinos since the payouts are really great in these casinos.

Basically, blackjack is a card game and you play this game against the house. The main aim in this game is to produce a score of 21 or near 21 with the cards which you receive. But the cards of all the players are faced down while one card which belongs to the dealer is faced up and another is faced down. The score is counted using these two cards and then the players are supposed to bet over their cards.

The scoring in blackjack is already decided. All the cards from two to ten are counted according to their face values. The jack, queen and the king are given ten points each and the aces can be given either 1 or 11 by the players himself. These values are used in order to calculate the score of the cards. You have variety of options to follow once you receive the initial hole cards.

You can take up a new card if you think that your score is way below 21 and this is known as a hit. You can surrender in the game at anytime. You can also split your cards if you receive same face value cards. You can ask for two more cards and then make up two separate hands to play the same game with two different hands. Blackjack is really an easy game to understand and play and you must definitely try it out in the online casinos to grab all the benefits which it provides in the online casinos.

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